Explore some of the frequently asked questions that many of our members have found helpful. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us directly.

To get started, contact us to arrange a one-on-one meeting and assessment. We’ll work with you to determine your goals and the right training program for you.

Certainly! We offer a trial period that includes 2 group classes for $35.00. Additionally, the $35.00 will be applied towards your initial sign-up fee, so long as you commit to a regular membership within 30 days of completing the trial. This allows you to experience our classes and facilities before making a full commitment.

No prior experience is required. We welcome beginners and provide a supportive learning environment. Our curriculum is designed to help you progress step by step, regardless of your initial skill level.

Absolutely. Many practice Wing Chun primarily for self-defense and personal growth.

We accept students aged 16 and above, with some dedicated individuals in their youthful 70s among our members. It’s not about age; it’s about your willingness to learn and your commitment to personal growth.

Yes, at PWC Miami, there is a strong emphasis on the philosophical and moral aspects of martial arts, which include promoting values such as confidence, good manners, responsibility, discipline, understanding, and honesty. Students are encouraged to adhere to a respectful and disciplined code of conduct while training to create a positive and conducive learning environment.


What you’ll learn

Understanding Our Curriculum

Get insights into the key elements of our martial arts program.

You’ll learn Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu, a highly efficient martial art that focuses on self-defense techniques, efficient movements, and principles that empower you to defend yourself, no matter your size or strength.

For your initial training session, comfortable workout attire is sufficient. However, please note that a uniform is expected for all subsequent classes. Additionally, for advanced students, it’s advisable to bring a mouthpiece to ensure safety during training. Don’t forget a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the session.

Progress varies from person to person, but regular attendance is essential. We recommend starting with at least two classes a week and adjusting your schedule based on your goals and availability, you may schedule private classes if needed.

For your initial training session, comfortable workout attire is sufficient. However, please note that a uniform is expected for all subsequent classes.

Sparring is incorporated into our advanced curriculum as students become proficient in the fundamentals. Safety and control are top priorities during sparring sessions.

Private class durations are typically 50 minutes. However, the length of private lessons can vary based on individual arrangements. For further details about private lessons, please reach out to Sifu Jaf.

Advancement is based on your progress and dedication to training. Our instructors will guide you through the curriculum and make recommendations for promotions when you’re ready.